Thursday, October 1, 2009

There goes summer!

October already?! Six+ weeks MIA. Wow, I'm seriously slack around here! If this was fairy tale land, I could say my house is spic-n-span, my laundry is all caught up, and you can see floor and desk surface in The Pit from my absence, but alas it is not and you can't. OH WELL- what else would I do if I didn't have these daily things to keep slogging away at? Sit in the sun and eat bon bons?? HA! Not happening. Temps have dropped significantly and my butt doesn't need any help in the widening department. ;-P

Something I did accomplish was finally changing my bedroom around. I drug out the huge headboard/footboard to use a simple bed frame instead. That frees up about 8 inches in width and 10 inches head to foot from the bed in our small bedroom. Amazing the difference those few inches make! Also jockeyed things around to put Mark's side of the bed towards the window (cold side) of the room and swapped dressers to opposite walls. We actually have FLOOR space in there now, though probably the only one using that space will be my baskets of laundry waiting to be folded and the dog to stretch out at night. She loves the space- now if I don't break my neck tripping over her in the middle of the night! If our room didn't have its own door to the bathroom, I'd swapped rooms with B as her bedroom is bigger than ours, but I do like handy dandy bathroom access. No, I'm not spoiled at all. Oh, final touch of the bedroom swap-a-roo was putting my heated mattress pad back on the bed and dragging out my heavy down comforter- JUST in time as temps dipped to near freezing last night. Ahhh, nothing like hitting the hay in an already warm comfy bed!

Ok, there I've blogged. Bored you with insignificant details of my absence. I'm alive. The scary part of my absence?? I started to hand write a journal...that lasted three whole days and my handwriting sucks after all these years of typing. Didn't take long to ditch THAT idea.

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  1. I hear ya on the atrocious(sp?) handwriting. Mine looks like a 2-year-old wrote it. Sometimes I can't even read what I wrote, lol!


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