Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Jake

The past few nights have been a mix of torture and hilarity. Torture as in being brought from a deep sleep by "BEEP....BEEP, BEEP....BEEP....BEEP, BEEP" after finally achieving slumber having spent the first three hours exhausting myself in and out of near-sleep twitching and jumping like I had ants crawling over my skin. The unrest due to either an afternoon of sitting in the car and/or forgetting my meds- either way, when I was jolted out of the bed by the loudly squealing series of beeps, I was simultaneously concerned and ticked off. Grab a robe and slowly work my way toward the sound, ok now the noise is coming in to focus, it's coming from the Pit- the noise is my Dell laptop. I can see the glimmer of screen lighting the room but a big shadow looming in front- what the??? Very loud 'Me-OOOW' and more beeping. You dipshit cat- ugh!! He had been sleeping then apparently grooming himself on my open laptop which I DID shut down before I went to bed, but I never closed the lid. I haven't the lid of that machine for over 6 years, unless it's in my bag, which is rare. Nice one of the cats decided it's a suitable place for a nap and a bath, in doing so he not only turned it ON, he managed to click "Guest" to log on to windows, then open about 20 windows and boxes including the command prompt, which THANK goodness he didn't manage to hit 'enter' with all the jibberish typed in the run line. The beeping was from the computer asking for password to come out of screensaver. He'd typed enough letters that it filled the "user" name box and was denying him entry. Little monster Jake.

Bad enough it happened two nights ago. It happened again last night. DUH, someone slap me. Though it didn't take me as long to figure out the beeping noises the second time, it still made me grumble at first but laugh as I rescued my computer from an in-progress kitty bath. Mr. FixIt laughed as I returned to bed, "Did you shut the lid this time?"
"Yes, shut up. How about some cold feet on your butt!?" as he chuckles and rolls over.

I assume Jake was enjoying the warm surface of my keyboard. Then again, the laptop is the only clean level surface in the Pit that won't avalanche if a gnat breathes heavily in the vicinity. Maybe I need to work on that this evening. Or maybe I'll just close the laptop lid and worry about the Pit tomorrow. :-D

ETA: If anyone needs their computer clock adjusted or wireless card enable/disabled, I'll send Jake right over. After writing this post on the Mac, I fired up the Dell and realized he ALSO managed to disable my wireless card, change my clock to a day ahead and somehow disconnect my USB keyboard. Nice.

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  1. O-M-G! LMAO!!! AND...who are you trying to fool? You've been "going to clean the 'PIT'" for how long now? I think that made me laugh just about as much as Jake turning on the laptop...TWICE!


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