Thursday, May 7, 2009

We can see the light!

At the end of the school-year tunnel--WOOHOOO!! Bright, uplifting rays of sunshine are filling the days and pushing out memories of the gloomy dreary previous months. Kids are anxious for neighborhood baseball games and bikes to consume their days as opposed to history and math lessons.* I'm as excited about approaching summer days as the kids are! Thankfully Monster Man has already completed his required hours, with only a few phonics/language arts lessons left and not quite three weeks of history. He's the tough one to keep focused on lessons with the sunshine peeking in the windows. Just two days ago, Monster Man got himself up, dressed quietly, and was outside riding his bike at 7:25 am! Guess he figured he'd get himself in a couple laps before mom could chase after him with a history lesson! At least he was dressed and had on his helmet! We do take advantage of the front yard swing to read and work in the fresh air. If during the day I "lose" B, she can often be found in the swing with her nose in a book, oblivious to the world around her or that I've called her name loud enough the next county is on alert. B is also nearing the end of her studies, though not as far progress-wise as Monster Man. She should be fulfill her hours by June 1, though will probably take another week after to finish her lessons to the 90% mark. She has been a tough one to keep "interested" in school work this year; her distraction has been a love of Thoroughbred series, Spiderwick, Goosebumps, Mostly Ghostly and RL Stein's Haunted series. The difficult task is getting her to turn her love of those books and direct some time and effort into writing about them, writing being her least favorite thing to do of course. Not necessarily book reports, but news articles, interviews, poems about the characters or settings and songs. She loves to sing and will talk your ear off about each job is to get her to WRITE down her ideas. Though I can't complain too much, she has read over 100 books this school year- easily. Not counting the stories she reads to MM every night before bed. She is my bookworm. Now if I could only get math problems out of her as easily! :-D

At any rate, the countdown to summer has begun!

*Formal lessons anyway. Both kids always help cook, shop and do daily activities around the house in which math and problem solving skills are practiced incognito-hehehe.

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