Friday, May 1, 2009


The NaBloPoMo theme for this month- "sweet" The only thing that comes to mind is that pathetic Splenda commercial where everyone thinks/says "Sweet" after tasting something made with that chemical crap. I have a few choice S-words for Splenda and "sweet" isn't even close. I'll take my fat and calories DIRECLTY from the source, thanks...pass the sugar.

Though, I'll be a sport and play along. At least for the first day of this challenge.

Wouldn't it be sweet if:
-the sun could shine everyday??
-Monster Man would show his well-behaved non-ornery side for just a few extra minutes a day?? (total 5 is all I'm askin' here)
-in this lifetime I could get my arse into those size 10's?? (hell, I'll take 12's at this point)
-Kitty cat Elwood would stop pissing in random places in the basement!!
-Mr. FixIt would hit the lottery, buy me a big chunk of land so I could let kids and critters roam??
-B could get those pesky multiplication facts to sink in and "click"...she's been trying SO hard!
-I could actually blog EVERY day and finally get through a Nablopomo??

Those wouldn't be sweet....those would ROCK!

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