Monday, May 18, 2009

I should have done this YEARS ago!

I've fallen off the bloggy world wagon as there have been some changes around here. I've been feeling much better lately and therefore not like a slug in the chair on the computer every evening! :-D
I started a post about finally trying to face the demons in my head, but I never published it. One day, I'll finish it, but I'll give you the outcome: After few weeks of medication for depression I FEEL GREAT! I am in shock at how "normal" I feel and in totally embarrassed at the same time petrified at how much of the last few years I've spent beating myself up and an emotional train wreck...and I lived like THAT! For years and years!! The thought hit me last week, "I haven't cried for two weeks! OMG! I should have done this YEARS ago!! " So I am enjoying listening to music and not becoming a sap...I sang Whitney Houston's version of I'll Always Love You..the whole THING, not ONE TEAR!! I'm not snapping at the kids as much. I seem to be back to my patience of teaching days years ago. For their sake, I SHOULD have done this years ago. A bonus is it has slightly helped the ADD, just a bit. I can still get distracted faster than mosquitoes attack you in a Carolina swamp, but hey, I'm so excited to feel like a normal person, my erratic attention span is something I can deal with!

One other VERY exciting thing about life right now is I have become an independent distributor for Premier Designs jewelry!! I have loved Premier jewelry for more than a couple years and when we lived in SC I'd hosted and attended home shows, most done by my friend Katrina. We had talked about me joining Premier, but at the time I was working full time+ in transcription, mostly evenings and weekends and felt a loyalty to the service I was working for, I just could not quit. Plus we were not in great financial state at that time, I couldn't afford the start-up or any time off to get a business going. Though I loved the jewelry and friendship it had brought me, I couldn't do it. Fast forward three years later, living in Ohio. I still wear all of my Premier pieces all the time, though when people would ask me about what I was wearing, they'd not heard of Premier. How could people not know of this awesome jewelry and business!! One day I found Katrina on Facebook, "oh my gosh will she remember me??" :-D Haha! Well she did, and we talked about the business. Drum roll......... My samples have arrived, I'm working on some bookings, my training show will be in early June- I am going to share my love of Premier!! I should have done THIS years ago!! I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful company!! Though I don't consider myself a jewelry lady. yet. Maybe once I get a few shows under my belt...then maybe! :-D

The final "should've done that" is more personal and I can't give details yet. Sorry you don't get any juicy bits or crazy stories until I get a few things worked out. But I can tell you- I've been through it before. More than once. I'm fine. The kids are fine. I'm just finally going to do what needs done. What should have been done. A LONG time ago. Wish me luck. I'll post more later.

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