Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing Up Bloggy

Before my April NaBloPoMo status goes down in flames before it even gets started, I better get something hashed out here. As I opened up the editor, I had two thoughts clashed in my pea brain, growing up and blogs. Hmmm, our kids are growing up amidst a world of people venting frustrations, explaining concepts, displaying news, illustrating craft ideas and keeping in touch among a bazillion other topics in easy to find blogs. Wow- should that be scary or just plain cool!? What would we have done with blogs as kids?? Who the heck knows- we didn't even have computers, much less internet access. What about other nifty gadgets we take for granted- bluetooth?? Wireless?? Cool phones and fun apps to go with them?? Texting?? Facebook?! My kids are growing up seeing MY childhood friends' kids in pictures and stories with genuine interest and care, thinking of these people as extension of their own family and friend circle- even if they have never met in person and may never see them in real life. Just a few more branches of extended family. As a child, I never knew any of my mom's school friends' families. How much more would I have learned about my mom if I'd known and really understood the "kids" she worked, played and hung out with?? I just think it's awesome I can keep in touch with friends I've known for 20 or 30 years, sharing similar life joys and difficulties!! I am shocked by my kids' true interest in my past buddies and their families, saying things like, "who's that? I have a shirt like that! oh I played soccer too! She likes horses like me!" and on and on. Wow- positive ideas. Not a bit of negativity, hate or jealousy present.
We often hear buzz that all this modern need to be "connected" and instant contact with texting and social web sites could be negative as impersonal socialization and feeding the monster of instant gratification and may one day be out of control. Maybe it is bad...but maybe, just maybe all this connection can help foster some compassion and sharing in our kids that will stick with them far into adulthood.

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  1. If we would have had all these amenities during our childhood, we would have missed out on hiking in the woods and sleigh riding and all the fun times we remember from way back when. You know...that might have prevented all the squabbles between you and your sisters and having your scalp ripped open with a can of Rave...maybe there are more benefits than we know to "growing up bloggy"! lol


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