Friday, April 3, 2009


I was going to write a post on ER and how much I'll miss it after being my favorite show, the only "thing" consistent for 15 years, but something isn't right. I had about two paragraphs of total boringness...DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. I'm not in a very good mood so far today possibly due to the morning has just sucked- already.

-I didn't tell Mr. FixIt good-bye this morning. He kissed me and said he was headed downstairs but I couldn't wake up enough to actually say anything. That bugs me.

-I slept later than normal and when my sister called, and woke me up, I could not get to a phone in time since phone by my bed was toast. Grumble.

-I meant to blog about ER last night and didn't. When I did wake up after the phone call I realized this and also because I didn't blog, I blew NaBloPoMo on the second day. Crap.
(but I did clean the kitchen at 11:30, does that count for anything?? )

- Auntie Flo who dropped in late last night- she makes me flippin' bonkers.

-It's raining. Again. Can I skip the April showers part and move straight to May flowers??


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  1. Don't give up now, I still need reading material girl! could just say you were a day late for April Fools!


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