Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stitches and spring fever.

What do they have in common?
Two recent highlights at our house.

Stitches- Pup was spayed Thursday at the bargain cost of $250. Ouch! Post surgery she's not "supposed" to play and romp or run up the stairs or jump on the bed. Yeah, RIGHT! She stayed downstairs for the first few hours home, but that evening she was upstairs napping on my bed when I got out of the shower. Hmph. Thankfully she still sleeps in her cage at night. One activity I can keep her from is romping with the neighbor dogs, especially her best buddy next door. Normally they play at least once a day, three or four times on weekends. Keeping them apart -absolute torture. Lucy is driving me batty barking, whining and near busting my doors down trying to get outside. The neighbor dog barks incessantly for her every time she is outside -poor thing, she just wants to play. Neither one understands a good romp in the yard has the potential for pain and bleeding or ripped out stitches. I've taken Lucy out for just some fetch a few times a day to keep her from going stir crazy. Getting her back into the house without detouring to the neighbor's is not easy. Will be a race to see if I can get her safely to the end of the week with doors and stitches intact!

Spring fever- Nice weather last week was awesome! Mixed some potting soil around my flower beds to prepare for planting next month. Also built up the soil around my sprouting tulips and irises then covered with a layer of mulch since the 60s temps were going to drop below freezing again, which it did, with two mornings of snow to boot. YUK! Back up to 50s today but who knows how long THAT will last. Sunny and beautiful outside, I just wish the temps would reflect that! Trees don't even have buds on them yet, and I'm getting my flower beds prepared?? Cruel sunshine the first days of spring always get me psyched up for what's ahead...then it snows again. AARRGGHH!!! Took some frustration out on two old shrubs that needed dug up. Huge roots to chop away at- dig, chop, dig, chop and chop some more. Oh as a bonus, I uncovered some nesting bumblebees- YAY. They were huge but thankfully only crawling. What I didn't manage to kill were crawling back into the dirt. Planting flowers next month could get interesting! :-D


  1. You need to hop back on the posting daily wagon...I need reading material!!

  2. I'll get right on that, lol.

  3. 250? Well, I guess it's cheaper than having puppies all the time.

    I was enjoying some spring fever...til it got cool again!


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