Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where am I?

I have fought with the idea in my head that keeping up with my bloggin’ friends and getting my own vents out on a daily or near daily basis was causing me to lose time and be really behind on my “to do” list…apparently NOT! I have hardly blogged over the past two months, just skimmed over a few blogs to try and not completely lose touch, and I’m still in the same office/basement/laundry disaster that I was previously! AAARRGGHH!! So I’m back!

I realize now that even though things are crazy busy I need to have my bloggy
time…if nothing else just to have a few minutes…or three hours-who’s counting?... to
myself. Things I need to get out of my head because the record is skipping badly up
there and it’s making my stomach hurt. First record I’m gonna bump off the turntable will be the Justification posts. I need to finish that. I really should email it to a few family members, but one step at a time! :-D

Let me catch you up on my nutty life:

* I did clear an area for school shelves, assembled those and have the school

books and supplies organized...and 8 weeks later it is STILL organized!! YES! I have
about half of the sewing stuff out of the Pit and down to the basement, but still
doubting that decision. I reorganized my desk in the Pit for more usable space, but
there are still 6 piles, elbow deep, of stuff scattered across the sides of the desk and on my filing cabinets.

* I posted about the new addition, Lucy. She is doing wonderfully and is turning
out to be have a great temperament and a huge appetite. She is currently at 4 cups a
day. I need to buy stock in Nutro dog food.

* Kids are doing well with school work. Miss B is finally “getting it” with
multiplication and division facts, and Monster Man did well on his Kindergarten
readiness test. He does well with phonics sounds, but we are still working on some
letter recognition. He loves math--flying through it.

* Fall dance classes and dance Team practices are underway! The kids love it! If
I could afford it, we’d be doing dance for hours on end every day. Keep dreamin’

* Deer bow season has officially begun which means Mr. FixIt gone most every
weekend. He will also be traveling a good bit this month, so we may not see him
until Thanksgiving. Then gun season will start so we won’t see him until New Years.
but my freezer will be restocked with lean ground meat, steaks and roasts. I really
can’t complain.

* Cold weather is here to stay, and I hate it. Though I love the changing leaves
and the fall festivals, farm outings and pumpkin festivals. I have to start layering
clothes again, I’m already cold. I took a 20-minute nap on the floor with the puppy
Monday because she was really warm. I was that cold. I woke up numb on my left side, but I was toasty!

* Work. HA! Work, schmerk. Not happenin’! I need to get working on my ebay boxes of stuff to sell, which is part of my office/Pit problem. Too many things piled up that I need to get rid of. I think the whole pile overwhelms me, so maybe I should
do one or two items per day. If I can stick to it until I can see daylight or heaven
forbid FLOOR in the pit, I’ll be in good shape. :-D FlyLady is frowning at me
because I can hear her saying, “Fling, fling, FLING that clutter!” Until my bills
are not putting me in the negative, I don’t have much choice I need to sell, sell,

* Fall TV. I don’t watch much TV, but I love CSI and ER. Woohoo!! Very sad
dramatic first episodes for both- pass the tissues! I'm so excited nonetheless!

Ok, I think that does it. At least for now. Carry on people.

I wrote this on is SATURDAY! So I've not kept my blogging promise, but I did get a few things listed on ebay--woohoo!!

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