Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beautiful chill

So much for getting back to blogging! I think that was two weeks ago!

Four field trips down, two more to go (all in three weeks!) and things may start to settle down here a little. School is going well. Mr. FixIt is at his second home this time of year, the woods, and got a doe yesterday so he's happy. Pup is getting HUGE! The kids are learning how to handle a "big dog" and what not to do so they can control her and she will listen. They have to learn now, so does she! She's not even four months old and she's passing 30 pounds quickly...she'll be a moose before long so training is in full swing with her. Kids too! Ha!

The leaves are beautiful right now, though it's daarned cold right now and supposed to dip to upper 30s for high tomorrow and Tuesday with SNOW flurries starting early morning. YUK! So fall is beautiful here as long as you are looking from inside! ha! Now having said that I need to go out in the cold day and blow leaves before the rain- which will turn to snow- hits tonight and makes our yard a sloppy mess. Blowing leaves is typically Mr. FixIt's job but since he's in the woods and helping my BIL with some remodeling, he won't be in time to do any before the wet stuff hits, and it will piss me off to be in the house looking out at a sloppy yard for the next week, not to mention taking pup out to potty and breaking my neck on a yard full of slippery I guess I'll go do it myself. Housework be damned, I'm gonna play with the leaf blower! hehehe!

I downloaded a bunch of pics finally and am getting them uploaded to Flickr so I can stream them here. Or I hope. May take me a month to get that far, so don't hold your breath!


  1. Everyone's slowed down....

    I guess it's just a busy time of year. I know it is for me!

  2. Guess I shouldn't complain about our cool temps in the 60s and 70s...I'll put the thermals away for another time!


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