Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It happens to everyone

Or well I suppose it could. Dang comment spam, comment jacked whatever you prefer to call the nonsense spewage in my comment section from a nimrod with too much time on his hands...er computer. Anyway, it's gone and I hate to turn off anonymous commenting and turn on the captcha but I'm tired of deleting that crap after just one event.

So if you are new or don't have some kind of blog account and want to comment, sorry. If you know me, you should have my Myspace or email info, so drop me a line that way. Or just grab a Blogger account. Pretty easy and free. You don't have to blog.

People that serve no other purpose but to be a PITA really piss me off. Off to change my settings....ggggrrrrrrr.


  1. Hey, glad to see you back on the blog wagon...lol! I need to find my way back too, these kids are about to do me in this year and it is only October...LORD have MERCY! I am so brain dead by the end of the day that I...I can't even complete this sentence.

  2. I watched Days last night 11:30 or whatever time and I was so tired I was twitching. Thought -I wonder if Mon is watching?- but too tired to pick the computer up and see if you were on, lol.

    I am feeling better now. Vented today's frustrations over on Ticket a while ago.

  3. Mon has DVR now and doesn't have to stay up late to watch such nonsense, lol.

  4. Four days late, but it's my blog, lol

    Mon sucks. :-D
    Said ever so sweetly.


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