Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh yeah, I've lost it...

The proof is in the 15+ (correction- 21) -pound bundle of
fawn and black coloring with big feet and floppy ears.

And big dark eyes...

And a little white ring on her chest...

Her name is Lucy.

Isn't she adorable?!?! Her mother is a mastiff/boxer mix and her daddy is a black lab. She's 12 weeks old.

Yeah, I know. I need another critter around here like a need another hole in my head, but she's just a sweetheart! Ben has been getting so upset when we leave the house lately, even for a few hours, when previously we could be gone all day or one night and the neighbors never heard a peep out of him. He's started barking and howling- we think he's lonely. He does that at the place we board him but only after about 6 days, though thankfully we don't go on many trips that require him being there more than 3 or 4 days normally. We've been looking for a friend for him since Kari died two years ago. I hope we've found the right friend! For an old dog, he still wears out the kids playing!

*Bonus* Grouchy old Ben might actually LIKE her! I set up a meeting in the front yard (he's contained to the back normally), brought him out and she gave a little yip to him but he never growled, no hair up, tail wagged the entire time-- I was floored. I'd prepared the kids for the worst. I was just waiting for snarling, teeth showing and pulling him off of her, but no. He acted like a little gentleman, like he understood she's only a baby.

We've had them meeting on leashes in the front about 6 times now and so far, he's given a little snip to her one time, but when he takes a stance at her (tail wagging though) she cowers her head like, "Ok, man, you're head honcho. I got it." She's totally submissive to him...which is good because she'll probably be at least twice his size when she's full grown. Then he relaxes and they both just sit together looking around, wagging tails. Color me 200% surprise and ecstatic! Much better than I could have hoped for. I figured it would take me a week just to get Ben to be near her without snarling, since he still snarls with fur raised at the neighbor dogs, one of which is still a pup and has been next door for about six months.

So now in addition to working on this disaster of a house and school work all day, I have a new distraction...puppy training! Woohoo!

Yes, my last marble just rolled down the road.


  1. Awww, she's so cute! I caught your marble, will send it soon as I remember where I put it!

  2. OMG she is SO cute! I love her coloring. Glad they're getting along.

  3. Oh and she's 21 pounds. LMAO! I weighed her this morning, scale said 21 pounds and I thought, "No way, She's heavy but not 20 pounds heavy."

    Um... yeah she is. Mr. Fixit weighed her and got the same result. I about fell over.

    My sister said, "You bought a MOOSE!" LOL

  4. Wow....great looking pup!!

    Ben can't even resist the cuteness. How could one be mean to something that cute?!


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