Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Lookie there!! Pickles! I apologize for the grainy cell phone photo in my sunporch fridge. You're lucky you have that!

Thanks to Angie at Are We There Yet? and her grandmother's pickle recipe, we started pickling our cucumbers from the garden! According to Mr. FixIt, Monster Man and the neighbors, they are a hit! I don't like pickles myself, but they really smelled "pickly" when I opened the "test" jar. I had to cut Monster Man off before he finished the jar by himself!

So far we have one batch of Angie's recipe- 5 quarts done including one quart of small whole cukes/pickles, and I have at least enough medium sized to large cukes left to do another batch of those recipe and I think enough for a batch of one-day sliced refrigerator pickles. Not bad from a very small garden with only about ten cucumber plants.

I don't have beautiful pics as Angie does for my recipe, but here's my great aunt Anne's recipe for One-Day Sweet Pickles. Though IMO Angie's grandmother's recipe was MUCH simpler as I'd rather spear than slice the cucumbers, lol. Mr. FixIt usually makes these one-day pickles really well.

One-Day Sweet Pickles
11 cups cucumbers (not peeled), sliced thin
1 large sliced onion (or diced, my gang likes sliced)
Layer those in a glass or non-metal dish.
Sprinkle with 1 TBPS salt.

Let stand 2 hours. Drain.
Add 1 tsp celery seed to pickles and onions.

Mix to dissolve (do not cook):
1 cup vinegar
2 cups white sugar

Pour dissolved mix over combined pickles, onions and celery seed. Refrigerate for 24 hours. Ready to eat after 24 hours. Will keep in fridge for one year or put into containers and freeze.

Viola! Pickles! :-D

Excuse the gibberish below. It is there because I posted the pic from my phone. :-D


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