Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks Ike!

Never figured I'd experience tropical storm conditions in Ohio! Jeesh! Hope those of you to the west of us, Michigan and Indiana are doing ok. Power was out for hundreds of thousands all across Ohio and power is still out in some places. We were lucky in our power only flashed off and on, but a tree took out our cable Sunday and it was restored yesterday afternoon- woohoo! We had the generator ready and firewood stacked for night time (temps dropped after the storm came through 25+ degrees) but were fortunate that we didn't need any of it this time. Our time will come I'm time we get 12 inches of snow in 5 hours, lol.

So those of you in the path of Ike at any point I hope your family is ok and you haven't had to deal with too much damage. Mainly hope everyone is safe!

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