Monday, August 3, 2009

It's the MOST wonderful time...of the year!

Truthfully, this time of year consists of tons of work to be done, but my favorite back-to-school commercial was years ago for Staples with the dad riding the cart down the aisles to the Christmas tune..."It's... the... MOST wonDERful time... of the YEAR!" and the kids dragging behind.
(click link to see commercial on YouTube)

Though I'm not sending mine OFF every day to school which was the whole reason that commercial at the end of summer was always hysterical, but it still makes me laugh. Yes, I tortured my kids and made them start lessons today. B even woke up early to get busy and was mostly done by 10 am. Monster Man didn't give too much fuss as he's super excited to be a first grader now! He will have double the work load from last year which will be an adjustment for him time-wise, but the smart little stinker can handle it- as long as I can keep him focused! That will be my chore for the year.

So this busy month of the year includes getting school started, dance intensives, reunions, cousins visiting, last minute vacations, church festivals---whew!! Time to buckle in and hang on!!

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