Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fellow Coupon Clippers- Take a Gander

Skipping Wordless Wednesday with good reason today.  If you are a fellow Grocery Gamer or just lover of a great bargain...lookie here!!  Great deals in the Northeast when you click here:  Cherry Picker, a blog with all the sale and coupon info gathered for you! Each week!!  Including ACME!! YES!  I'd cancelled my subscription to the Grocery Game a few years ago because they didn't yet have Acme stores so I had to dig through the sale ads, comparing them to GE, CVS and BJs on my own anyway.  I'm always out for a bargain-very rarely do I buy anything unless it's on sale AND I have at least one coupon.  Yes, it can be time consuming, but to see the jaws drop of people behind me in line when I have an overflowing cart that only rang up to $100 bucks after coupons (and I got some fuel perks too)...PRICELESS!!

Got sidetracked...heh. I only know about this site because  B's teacher with OHVA had mentioned in her newsletter about her starting to use coupons more and the Cherry Picker web site. Wow- LOVE IT!!  If you  are new to couponing or Grocery Game, some of the terms or acronyms may be confusing, don't let those overwhelm you. Here is a link courtesy of Hot Coupon World to help you out: Coupon acronyms and terms.

Go check it out!!  Save money!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Picnic

 OHVA Back-to-School picnics took place in various locations all over the state today. We only had to travel to the Falls to meet up with other OHVA families, friends and teachers. Games were set up around the picnic area and students played a 'Get to Know Each Other' scavenger hunt. Teachers divided the kids into groups by grade for activities while parents chatted and swapped stories. After eating lunch, the kids raced off to the playground to burn some energy letting parents and teachers continue conversations and pass advice for the new school year.  Was a great turnout for our location and everyone seemed to have a good time.  The kids played with old friends, made some new friends, swapping Webkinz IDs or email addresses.  Great day!!

Afterwards, I had to run for dog food, cat litter and coffee creamer- MUST have creamer!! Was totally out.  I didn't even have any of my back-up, last resort powder reserve left!  The situation was dire, let me tell you! ;-D  Dog food situation was not quite as bleak...they had a few days left.

Home now- kids are out and about playing with friends and I'm on the swing enjoying the sudden appearance of sunshine! Yay! Bonus!!  Thinking about holding dinner off another 30 minutes if the sun continues, Mr. FixIt hasn't even left the office yet and kids are distracted so I think I can stretch a little more sun time in this day. 
 Scratch that thought- he just pulled in. Crap. Oh well, was a good idea! :-D 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a weekend!

For starting the weekend feeling seriously bummed that I couldn't make the yearly bike trip with Dad to southern Ohio, it ended up being a great couple of days off!  Of course I missed spending time with Dad and his buddy Dave, so I called throughout the weekend to check on them, so I was at least able to talk with him a bit.  Mr. FixIt and I took some nice rides on the bike, mostly enjoyable because I could soak up SUN, ride and THINK uninterrupted. 100 miles on the back of a bike offers plenty opportunity for future, the kids, his financial 'things', ways to step up my business, etc.  Funny that as I'm finally getting my mind straight what/need to do with my future, I've had this odd calm that's been missing for wayyyy too many years. Seems the situation with Mr. FixIt is no longer stressing me- I may have found the ladder to climb up from the bottom of that dark, muddy barrel. Caught a glimpse of my old happy self and haven't looked back.  Why did it take me so long?? That muddy barrel is pretty cramped, nasty place...finding a way out shouldn't be that difficult. Apparently I'd missed a rescue rope or two- whoops! 

So onto the weekend... I had a wonderfully lazy Saturday- Monster Man was itching to get another big catfish so Mr. Fixit took him for most of the day. B and I fiddled around the house. Sunday, we made pies and pasta salad to take to a friend's cookout with their family & friends. Awesome food and a fun evening!  Some cornhole games in the yard and washer toss that Steph and I decided we really needed catcher's gear for!! Someone could get knocked out or lose an eye in that game!! :-D  Finished the evening with a roaring campfire, hot dogs and s'mores until late.   Arrived home just before midnight, expecting Lyla to come bounding out of the garage as we'd left her out and Lucy in the house. Figured poor Lucy's eyeballs were floating we'd been gone so long, she'd REALLY need let out!  Opened the garage all the way. No doggies.  Oh crap. Not cool. I jump out of the truck ahead of Mr. FixIt  and run to the garage- both dogs jumping and yipping AT the door from INSIDE the house!! Oh no. Visions of my furniture in shreds flash through my head. The last time Lyla was left inside (a few months ago) she used two dining room chairs as chew toys. This may not be pretty. Open the door, both mutts come bounding out, excited to see us after 9 hours, like we'd been gone a month!  Mr. FixIt and I split up surveying inside- chairs intact, couches appear untouched, nothing bothered on the counters, shoes still look like Really?? Lyla didn't destroy ANYthing?? No potty messes either??  Lucy has a 10-hr bladder, she could make it, but Lyla, not so much.  Mr. F said our bed looked like they'd be on it, but laundry still in basket, not upturned, nothing out of place. Kids room ok. Hmmm. Then I noticed the back door....WIDE OPEN.  oh nice. Checked to make sure the door wasn't actually knocked Just open.  Hmmm. Well at least with the huge, noisy beasts I don't have to worry about someone having been in the house. :-D  Still not sure if one of us left the screen door open or of the dogs managed to wedge it a crack and push the rest of the way.  Oh well, at least the house wasn't destroyed! YAY!

Monday we had a blast with the neighbors out at West Branch on their boat and jet skiis.  Was kind of a chilly start, especially on a ski when you've left capris on because the sun is hiding and you're on the verge of a cold anyway. The first major misjudged wave, ski nose dive into the water I was soaked and then REALLY freezing!!  WHEEEE!!! Sun came out later in the afternoon, thankfully, then we had a blast with the kids taking turns on the skis and riding around on the boat making waves for the guys to romp on. Beautiful ending to the long weekend!!

Hope your weekend was exciting!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins #192

1. Family - makes me think of Grandma T and how much I miss her_.

2. __I am horrible at decisions, always_ back and forth.

3. I love a _bargain!

4. ___Grilled catfish, salad and new potatoes__ makes a good meal.

5. I've got the _Fever for the Flavor of the Pringles! ___(which is why I don't buy them!!)

6. __Craftastrophe.net___: WTH?!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _having a night off dinner duty__, tomorrow my plans include _making pasta salad and peach pie___ and Sunday, I want to _have a great time/food/fun with friends in their new place_!

Thanks Janet!! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010