Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Unlocking the skeletons

Three posts looming back in Finish Me PLEEEEASE Land will hopefully show up soon.  They are similar in content, but I started each with different attitude and mindset. The first one I began in a flurry of frustration, added to it, kept going back to try and finish it. About a month later, frustrated with it, I started over again with a new post.  Worked on it a few times, then ditched it too. A month after THAT, a third post was attempted, until today, still unfinished.  These are parts of an explanation of our family chaos this summer, at times when I just needed to get that garbage OFF my chest and out of my head. In recent attempts to salvage my musings, I combined two of them. What remains overlaps a bit here and there. Still have half a notion to just delete them. 

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