Friday, November 13, 2009

Any clues??

Why do I start projects the day before Mr. FixIt is due home from being out of town- when I've had all week?? Procrastination at its finest!! :-D

Monster Man's room has irked me since we moved in. Light blue carpet and the walls are slate gray with a grayish-blue sponge paint/swirly/splash overtop. It seriously clashes with the carpet...unless you stand all the way down the hall and look from afar, it kind of works. Also, it looks like a cave in there because of the dark, dingy colors. Several trips over the past couple years to Lowe's the kids and I have looked over paint colors. He STILL chooses red, he wants fire-engine red. Wow. So I talked him into using red with another color to liven and brighten it up. Don't want the room to turn into a RED cave.

Did I mention I started this project after re-arranging Monster Man's room?? Yeah, two walls clear, might as well paint! So after a day of cleaning, rearranging and painting, I have two walls done, one wall waiting second coat and the last wall half trimmed out. Need to second coat the second wall (long wall) and let it dry so I can move furniture and GET to the last wall to work on it.

During this little project I have discovered the reason not only for the sponge paint job, but also the two tone color. Hides 40 bazillion holes in the wall and the craptastic job someone did of removing, I assume, old wallpaper. Big rip slashes and chunks where the top layer of the drywall has been literally ripped off the walls. Nice. VERY noticeable when you cover with one solid color. Great. So I got the putty out and filled holes for over an HOUR after doing the first coat on the two walls. No lie. For missing chunks/layers of wall, a truck load of putty and a scraper the size of a coffee table might do the trick. So leveled and evened it out best I could with what coordination I had at 2 am. It will have to do. I see some humongous posters in Monster Man's future!

Alrighty, my break is over. I need to get a second coat on that long wall so it has time to dry so I can move furniture and get the last wall done - before dance tonight at 6! :-D

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  1. I hate painting and all things associated with home improvements. Good for you! I'm impressed that you took the time to do something about the holes instead of just painting over them like I would have.


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