Friday, June 12, 2009

Time?? Ha!

The past month around here has been a five-ring circus...

I truly intended to finish the "Shoulda" post and I have just been BUSY, but the gist of that post was, I did the most difficult thing of my life and made Mr. FixIt move out. More details forthcoming, but yes, I do honestly love him and I don't doubt he loves me-just some serious issues need worked out. He has still been around for the kids/weekend days/school and dance functions/etc. Though this situation is much more stressful for him than me (too bad), I am doing fine! On top of THAT fuss, in the past several weeks...HOLD THAT THOUGHT!

Ok, I'm back- I had to go log B's last few lessons that are DUE to be logged TODAY. Yes, today the 12th and it's now 12:08 in the morning on the 13th- CRAP!

See what life has been like?? Jeesh! Not boring, lol. Anywhoo, back to that list of STUFF that has made my cup overfloweth recently:

-Tossed husband. CHECK
(issues on the mend now, but that thought cracked me up, couldn't resist- hehe)

-Dance recital week-two nights of rehearsals and two recitals. T several numbers and B one number. Mom stayed with us for a few nights as a bonus to chaos. CHECK.

-Switched from TW-piece of doodoo-Cable and started DSL. CHECK!

-Workhorse Dell brought back from the dead after near a week of attempts and more than my quota of heavy cussing. CHECK! (due to P-O-S TWCable)

-Shoveled three layers out of the PIT/office, revealing the next 8 or 10 to be removed! CHECK!

-Worked like feinds to catch up three weeks of school lessons completed and attendance not logged due to lack of internet due to POS cable and down network due to crashing Dell due to POS cable!! AAARRRRGGHHH!! CHECK.

-Friend and Premier mom from SC arrived, stayed a few days (too SHORT!) to help train me in the jewelry business. CHECK.

-Near-blind, scared of his own shadow old Benny boy is on calendar to be put to sleep next week and presently in quaranteen. CHECK. (yes, he bit someone...not a good day)

-I discovered yesterday that our yearly Alex's Lemonade Stand to raise funds for Pediatric Cancer Research is THIS weekend, not next month!! So last night and this morning were spent getting cookies, 4 gallons of lemonade and materials ready for an afternoon stand TODAY! Phew! CHECK.

To end on a positive note :-D
*Husband is seeing a counselor to help deal with issues (more later) and has become a new man, an open, willing-to-show emotion man- I'm in SHOCK, but loving it!! If he keeps it up, he may be back home before too much longer.
* DSL is running great and near speeds of the cable even though it is supposed to be 10 times slower.
*I had a great visit with Ms. K, my Premier mom and learned a LOT this week!!
*The little girl Ben bit will be ok, thank the Lord!
*The kids raised $45+ during their 4-hour lemonade stand today! Woohoo!! They will set it up again for Sunday afternoon. Google 'Alex's Lemonade Stand' for more details.
*I just submitted an order to Premier for my training show held earlier this week!! My official 'first' show is tomorrow!!

That about wraps it up. Now I need to get my arse into bed so tomorow I can be prepared for some family visiting and to dazzle some gals into earning themselves some free jewelry!!

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  1. Hope your business is off to a good'll do great! Hate to hear about Ben...if you need to talk, I'm here.


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